COVID-19 Meal Delivery Schedule Adjustment



As confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to present throughout the Metroplex, we have decided to proceed with preventative measures to limit potential exposure to both our clients and our volunteers.

Beginning Wednesday March 18th, we will be adjusting our meal delivery schedule and all deliveries will be handled by Meals on Wheels paid staff. Our clients will still receive 5 meals per week as they are accustomed to, and MOW staff will continue to perform daily safety checks to ensure the well-being of our clients.

To be clear, we are not closing our offices or suspending any of our services, but rather we are activating our emergency protocol to protect those in our care.  We hope to resume normal delivery operation schedules beginning Monday May 18th, but will continue to monitor and adjust our timeline as necessary. Please continue to visit our website or our social media pages  for any updates.

For our volunteers: thank you for your steadfast and consistent care of our beloved clients. Your wellness is as much of a priority to us as is client wellness. We will miss you these next few weeks, but want to do all we can to keep you safe from exposure, and we look forward to you resuming your routes once we resume our usual schedule.

If you are a financial supporter of our program: we hope you will continue to give and allow us to maintain the work we’re doing. If you are able to accommodate an increase of your current giving, we are preparing for new clients we may need to serve should food issues arrive due to quarantines, or temporary food shortages in local grocery stores, and additional funding will be critical to serve new clients in need.

Nevermore has the phrase “we’re all in this together” meant as much as it does right now. We are thankful for all of you who have been with us during great times, and are so grateful for you staying by our side during the uncertain times. You are all a blessing and have the deepest appreciation from our Board of Directors and our staff.


Christine Hockin-Boyd
Executive Director