AniMeals is just one of the special services provided by Meals on Wheels North Central Texas. Once a month, volunteers deliver donated dog and cat food to Meals on Wheels' recipients in their community.

Don't Forget to Feed Me has partnered with Meals on Wheels North Central Texas to provide both dog and cat food to help ensure our seniors have what they need to feed their companion pets. 

Don't Forget to Feed Me

woman and dog

Why AniMeals is Important?

  • Prevents clients with limited resources from sharing their home-delivered meals with their pets
  • Provides basic preventative vet care - vaccinations, spaying/neutering and flea treatment
  • Enables individuals to keep their companion animals, providing a special quality to their lives

Why Pets are Important to the Elderly?

  • A dog or cat is more than a pet; it can provide friendship, joy and a reason for living
  • Studies show that animal ownership also lowers illness levels and mortality rates
  • Most lack the resources to maintain companion pets, which may be their only “family” member

How Can I help?

  • Deliver pet food in your community
  • Make a financial contribution or donate dog and/or cat food to Meals on Wheels
  • Partner with Meals on Wheels as a "pick-up" location for delivery, or a "drop-off" location for donated food